I am quite ego-concious and I also love sex toys so this is the perfect eco-sex toy. 

Packaging: The solarstim bullet arrives in a cardboard box made entirely from recycled materials. The box is a green colour and has an outdoor and eco feel to it. Of course it can be easily recycled.

Appearance/Materials: There are two main parts to the solarstim, the solar panel and the bullet.
The solar panel is very light weight and thin, it is about the size of an ipod. It can be left around without raising suspicion as long as the bullet is either taken out or hidden.
The bullet is a silver (or black) small bullet, it is about 2inches long and has an led in the top which glows red when in use. The silver bullet is coated in silver plating which unfortunately does wear off over time leaving a dull silver material underneath.
The bullet connects to the solar panel via a wire which is then plugged in using a jack connection

Functions/Control/Volume: To charge the solar panel simply leave it on the windowsill in the morning and by bed time it should be fully charged. It takes around 8 hours to charge completely and gives around 60 minutes of use. There is an led in the side which glows blue when it is charging so you are never in doubt. It also doesn't need direct sunlight or even a bright day. I charged it fully on a dull day. An improvement would be an indicator showing the charge level. Although the bullet can be used when it is charging I am not sure how this affects the longevity of the solar panel and so haven't done this often. There are no instructions regarding this.

The power this bullet outputs is very good, it would easily rival battery powered toys, even those that run on AAA or even AA batteries. The switch on the side on the solar panel controls the vibrations and ranges from low to high. High is very powerful. It feels like it only has two settings; high and max. 

The vibrations travel well and are very concentrated in the tip. When used on it's side the vibrations weren't quite intense as on the tip. 

Cleaning/Maintenance: This cannot be sterilised due to the material. If you want to insert it is suggested that you use a condom so you don't tug on the wire, this is one of the main reasons for bullets breaking. To clean simply wipe over with a baby wipe or a sex toy wipe.

Conclusion: The solarstim bullet is a great toy for the eco-minded and sex toy lovers alike. It is also powerful and quiet. So you can feel like you are saving the world one orgasm at a time, eco-orgasmic!

Rating: 4/5
Purchase: You can buy the solarstim here from Eden Fantasies.

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